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Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

Feb 10

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

Pests can infest your carpets or upholstery and cause damage, allergies, and stress. As a preventative measure, it is important to keep your carpets and upholstery clean. For infestations that have already occurred, it is worth calling a professional carpet cleaning company or contacting a pest control firm to remove them.

How can you determine if you require pest control?

Our technicians offer a carpet cleaning service that includes pest control in Glasgow, Paisley, or the surrounding areas.
Damage to carpet fibres or carpet is one sign that there's a problem. You might have noticed tiny moth larvae or eggs on a patch of carpet recently. Fleas or bedbugs can also cause itching, bites, rashes, and other signs.


Why not have your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned?

You can find a lot of DIY cleaning ideas and tips on how to clean carpets online. It is possible that your efforts won't be effective if you don't have the proper equipment or experience. You can also cause permanent damage to your upholstery and carpets by using the wrong detergent, or an inconsistent brew based on old wives' tales.

Hot Water Extraction is more effective than a domestic vacuum at controlling pests. HWE can create steam at a high temperature that kills the eggs of small, pest-eating insects where vacuums cannot. This process requires minimal detergent and can be used in environments that have pets or children.

Our blog post on professional and DIY carpet cleaners provides more information.


Carpet Pests in Common

These pests are also known by the name textile pests. Many residual and aerosol insecticides that are sold for home use aren't effective enough to be used on infested items.

* Fleas

This pest is common in households with pets. HWE is essential to kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. It can reach the base carpet fibers with high pressure and temperature.

Moths and Carpet Beetles

Moths and beetles don't eat fabric. However, larvae do. Many adult beetles lay their eggs under furniture, in closets, and in air ducts. After hatching, larvae stay in dark areas, are not disturbed, and eat organic material. These pests thrive in soil, pet urine, and debris.


There are many ways bedbugs could enter a house. Bedbugs can be introduced to a home through second-hand furniture. Because they are resistant, they can be very difficult to remove.


Carpet Cleaners in Yuma AZ may require two visits to treat infestations.


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